Papiro Gourmet: Food & Behavior

Food & Behavior

Can what people eat really affect the way they behave?

The evidence says yes! In this book Barbara Reed Stitt, a former chief Probation officer and creator of a nutritional program which has help thousands to lead healthy and productive lives, shows the link between food and behavior.

The connection between food and behavior is so basic that it is being overlooked by parents, the school system, counselors, and most of the medical professionals. Ask any hyperactive child, depressed, angry teenager, violent adult or criminal what they eat and you’ll find they “live” in junk food, sweetened box cereals, candy, carbonated drinks, potato chips and fast food. Junk food abuses the mind, undernourishes  the body and distorts the behavior,

Food & Behavior is a book for people in trouble with their health and behavior and for all of you who don’t want members of your family to get in trouble.



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